AcaRank YouTube Competition 2014-15

For live competitions there is ICCA. For studio recordings there are the CARAs and RARB. But for YouTube videos, nothing. We want to change that.

YouTube has become the most popular medium for consuming a cappella music worldwide. Our goal is to encourage and recognize excellence in a cappella YouTube videos through a monthly competition. Each month judges will score all submissions, and the best videos of that month will be nominated for Video of the Year. The submission deadline for this year's competition is May 31, 2015. In June all the monthly judges will be invited back to select the Video of the Year and other awards.

In the future we hope to incorporate feedback and add categories for high school and professional groups. You can submit videos to us here. And if you want to get involved, email me at 

Best of luck to your group in whatever you pursue this year! Keep creating beautiful music, and I hope some of it comes our way.

Patrick Hockberger, Director of AcaRank